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Emil Rohmer, father of Dina, father-in-law to Troy,  & grandfather of Jason, started his restaurant career in 1953.  We are still in business over 60 years later serving many of the same dishes and families.  We invite you to be part of our traditions.  

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We offer a wide variety of food on our menus with many family recipes we have used for the last 60 years.   You can find Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner plates.  We also offer  Lunch and Evening Specials.    There is something for everyone.  

Our Menu

Rohmer's Catering​​

In 1963, Emil started his catering career.  This career continues to be a popular catering business in the area.  Through the years, we have had the good fortune of having good dependable help, some for many years.  Although you may not see these lovely ladies and gentleman serve your catered meal, you will find Troy, Dina, Jason, and other dependable servers make your event perfect with a deliciously prepared meal.  Contact us today so we can begin to plan your special event.  
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